Synopsis: The Crescer e Viver Circus was born from the union of two childhood friends, Junior and Vinicius. They invaded and squatted on territory and set up a social circus for all in the center of the city, the birthplace of samba and carnival. The school teaches that the risk of the circus is the risk of life, and students explore their limits and passions in the acrobatics and performance.  The climax is the performance of Gira, a display of graceful movement and exposing one’s spirit to others. Gira, a Portuguese word meaning to turn, spin, or twirl also signifies to be filled with a spirit in the Afro-Brazilian Umbanda religion.

Directed by Lili Fialho and Kátia Lund
Produced by Kátia Lund, Kirk Bowman, Luis Lomenha, and Jon Wilcox