Synopsis: It is said that Jongo became pregnant in Angola, but was born in Brazil. Taking its first steps in the Paraíba coffee plantations, Jongo flourished and reached new heights at Serrinha of Rio. The rhythm and dance of Jongo was originally practiced only by white-haired people and male drummers and faced an uncertain future in the face of discrimination and prejudice against Afro-Brazilian cultural practice. This important cultural patrimony was saved and nourished by the innovation, love and courage of the women of Serrinha such as the 95 year-old leader Tia Maria, Pretinho da Serrinha, Suellen, Deli, Luiza, Dyonne and Lazir.

Directed by Lili Fialho and Kátia Lund
Produced by Kátia Lund, Kirk Bowman, Luis Lomenha, and Jon Wilcox